Should the Pelicans be concerned about Zion?

  • October 18, 2019, 08:55 AM
  • Aleksandar Bolta
Should the Pelicans be concerned about Zion?
We have seen what Zion can do with the basketball if he stays healthy. Could he stay healthy?

                Zion Williamson, The most “hyped” up player since Lebron James. How is his play going to translate to the fast paced play style of the NBA? Does he have the stature of a true NBA player? A lot of questions come up, that still have yet to be answered. To get a better understanding, I took a look at Zion’s college statistics, along with other college phenoms.

                At 6’7, 285 pounds, Zion is undoubtedly a freak of nature. In his one season at Duke, Zion averaged 22.6/8.9/2.1. Three-point shooting is not Zion’s strong suit, but if you have a 2-Point FG% of 74.7%, shooting is not a necessity. A 2-point FG% of 74.7% is not only the highest, of just that season, but of all-time. A player like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, A 7’2 Center from UCLA, Considered one of the best college players to ever play. In his 3 years at UCLA, Kareem had a Field goal percentage of 63.9%. A difference of 10.8% between the Phenom from North Carolina and the UCLA big man. While having that high of a Field-Goal percentage is not an easy task, It was not against the bigger, stronger, faster players of the NBA.

Via BleacherReport

                Due to his body frame and weight, there are numerous health risks to be worried about. Zion definitely has some serious bounce in his step, you can not avoid the highlights on SportsCenter, or on any sort of social media. Zion lives above the rim, the constant jumping, sprinting, and body hits, are sure to take a toll. He is the second heaviest player in the league, behind the one and only Boban Marjanovic. The only difference is that Boban… is 7’3. With a 8 inch height difference, and only a 5 pound difference. His knees are in the spotlight of all the injury risk. After he ripped right through his shoe and injured his knee, in the first quarter of the intense rivalry between North Carolina and Duke. In the 2019 NBA preseason, Zion has been ruled out for the Preseason Finale due to a knee injury he suffered during the preseason. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has declared that Zion is expected to miss a “period of weeks” into the regular season. Zion if he stays healthy is going to be one of the best players we have ever seen. Should the Pelicans be concerned?

Aleksandar Bolta



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Anthony Scognamillo
Anthony Scognamillo October 18, 2019, 11:16 PM
More heat from this dude ?loving these articles and I’m calling it right now, Zion stays healthy but never quite lives up to the hype ?